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To comply with the U.S. government’s Equal Employment Opportunity regulations, we are required to ask the following questions regarding self-identification.

Employment Eligibility Verification

Verify your eligibility of employment in the United States of America.

W4: Employee Withholding Allowance

Provide your tax information below so that AAHCS can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay.

Total number of allowances you’re claiming.
Additional amount, if any, you want withheld from each paycheck.

Policies and Procedures
Verify that you have read and agree with the policies and procedures.

The dynamic nature of our business and growth of All American Healthcare Services, Inc. will undoubtedly result in changes to our policy and procedures. For this reason and because various suggestions that you and your fellow employees may make, All American Healthcare Services, Inc. (“the Company” or “All American”) reserves the right to interpret, amend, or cancel and withdraw any or all sections or provisions of this handbook at any time.

The policies and guidelines summarized in this handbook have been adopted voluntarily by All American for its employees and are not intended to give rise to contractual rights or obligations, nor to be construed as a guarantee of employment for any specific period of time or any specific type of work. You are an “at will” employee, meaning that your employment is for no definite period of time and may be terminated by you or by the Company at any time and for any reason.

The policies and practices described herein are summarized. If you need additional information about any item covered in this handbook or about your job, you are encouraged to contact your supervisor or a Human Resource Representative.

We wish you success in your position and hope that your employment relationship with All American will be a rewarding experience. This handbook is intended to help employees get acquainted with All American. It describes, in general terms, some of our employment guidelines. We hope that it will serve as a useful reference document for employees throughout their employment at All American. Employees should understand that the handbook is not intended to be a contract (expressed or implied), nor is it intended to otherwise create any legally enforceable obligations on the part of All American Inc. or its employees. This handbook supersedes and replaces all previous personnel policies, practices, and guidelines. To obtain information regarding specific employment policies or procedures, whether or not they are referred to in this handbook, employees should contact their Human Resources Manager. Because All American is a growing and changing organization, it reserves full discretion to add to, modify, or delete provisions of this handbook, or the policies and procedures on which they may be based, at any time without advance notice. For this reason, we urge employees to check with the Human Resources Manager to obtain current information regarding the status of any particular policy, procedure, or practice. No individual other than the President of All American Inc. has the authority to enter into any employment or other agreement that modifies All American Inc. employment policies. Any such modification must be in writing and signed by the affected employee and by the President of All American Inc. This handbook is the property of All American and it is intended for personal use and reference by employees of All American. Circulation of this handbook outside of All American Inc. requires the prior written approval of the Human Resources Manager. Please review the entire handbook carefully, sign the acknowledgment form at the bottom of this page, and submit as part of your registration to the Human Resources Department. This will provide All American with a record that you have received the handbook.

We at All American are committed to providing outstanding health services to our clients. We are a multicultural organization. All American believes that the core of the healthcare business is in providing quality and reliable healthcare services. We empathize with our clients' need for quality and reliability in the healthcare they provide to their patients and residents. We believe that all our employees are part of the team and they will help us to be successful in achieving our objectives.

Work Rules

The following is a list of company rules that govern employee conduct. This is to be used as a guide to what is considered unacceptable conduct and is not intended to be all-inclusive. Unacceptable conduct and/or failure to report such conduct, whether listed below or otherwise, may result in corrective action, up to and including termination of employment. Unacceptable conduct includes:

  • Failure to provide proper care for patients’ needs (changing Foley’s, bedding, physical assistance)
  • Falsification of reports/records/statements, including tampering with time/medical records, licenses, certifications, employment applications, expense reports, etc.
  • Any type of verbal, physical, sexual harassment/intimidation
  • Creating or fostering a hostile work environment (gossip, hostility, etc.)
  • Creating a negative work environment (rumor-mongering etc)
  • Excessive absenteeism and/or tardiness; No Call No Show (you must ALWAYS call out if you can’t make a shift)
  • Abuse of lunch/break periods
  • Failure to immediately report a work-related injury/illness
  • Failure to report a patient injury to the assigned supervising nurse (bruising, bedsores, scratches, etc.)
  • Being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, or possessing illegal drugs or alcohol, on company premises or when conducting company business
  • Sleeping during your shift or inattention to your duties
  • Changing work schedule without prior management approval
  • Insubordination: failure or refusal to follow instructions and perform duties as assigned
  • Getting into a disagreement or argument with a facility staff member or work colleague in any kind of disrespectful manner
  • Stealing medications from patients or facilities
  • Violating company dress code (medical scrubs and business attire in office setting)
  • Self-booking for more than an aggregated 40 hours per week (which leads to overtime pay issues) without prior approval from the Company
  • Abandonment of assigned shift without contacting the company to advise of the reason in advance
  • Major medical violations will be reported to the Board of Nursing and may result in loss of medical license
  • While not a reason for dismissal, failure to submit timesheets by Monday at noon may result in not being paid on the normal schedule (every Friday)
  • Workplace violence, including threatening or causing harm to a staff member
  • Any use of tobacco products in unauthorized areas
  • Any use of personal technology while working a scheduled shift
  • Showing gender bias for any sexual orientation of an employee in the workplace


You agree to maintain the confidentiality of all Company and Client information and affairs. All records containing Company’s Client names, addresses and other information must be surrendered upon termination of employment. Except as required in the performance of services hereunder, you will not, during the term of employment or after termination, use or disclose any confidential or proprietary information of Company or Client, or Client’s patients, without first obtaining the consent of Company and, where appropriate, Client and patient. In addition, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of information about my wages and other compensation. You agree to maintain the confidentiality of all Company and Client information and affairs. To the extent that you and Company may qualify as a “business associate” as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), and privacy regulations published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services contained at 45 CFR 160 and 164 (“HIPAA Regulations”), which may be periodically revised or amended, and other applicable laws, you and Company agree to protect and provide for the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (“PHI”), as defined by HIPAA. The parties agree as follows: (A) you and/or agents shall use appropriate safeguards to prevent the use and/or disclosure of all PHI relating to patients, patients’ family members, Clients’ employees, Company’s employees and other healthcare providers—made available by or obtained from Patient, Client or Company; (B) My disclosure of PHI shall be limited to only those purposes that are necessary to perform its employment obligations and specifically detailed in my job responsibilities, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties; (C) I shall not: (a) use or further disclose any PHI except as provided with the prior written approval of Company and Client; or (b) use or further disclose any PHI in a manner that would violate the provision of HIPAA or its regulations. You shall immediately report to Company and Client in a timely manner any unauthorized use or disclosure of PHI of which you become aware; (c) Upon termination of employment, you shall return all PHI that you maintain in any form and retain no copies of such PHI without the prior written approval of Company and Client. If you are unwilling or unable to return such PHI, you shall destroy all PHI, regardless of whether its form is paper or electronic; (d) You will indemnify, hold harmless and defend Company and Client from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, costs and other expense incurred as a result or arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with any unauthorized use or disclosure of PHI by you. This provision is not intended to restrict or otherwise limit the application of HIPAA to the parties. This provision is intended only to outline the parties’ general duties as required by HIPAA. You and Company recognize that we are fully subject to all provisions of HIPAA, regardless of whether these provisions are outlined in the above provision. This HIPAA provision shall survive the termination of this Agreement.


It is the policy of All American that any employee that has direct contact with patients receive a Hepatitis B vaccination series. The employee is responsible for procuring their own vaccination series. By signing this application, it is understood that you while you are not providing All American with your Hepatitis B vaccination series results, you will not hold All American liable for any future expenses or liabilities should you contract Hepatitis B.


All staff members are responsible for reporting any suspected cases of abuse, domestic violence or neglect as seen in any patient at the center. The purpose of this is to make every effort to protect the patient from any further abuse, violence or neglect. The chart listed below is designed to assist staff in recognizing the signs of abuse and neglect. Abuse can be physical, sexual or emotional in nature and may occur in combination with one another. Definitions: Physical abuse may include beating, burning, rough physical handling and sexual abuse. Neglect may include both willful and un-willful disregard, abandonment, confinement, malnutrition, starvation, over and under medicating and withholding of personal and medical care. Emotional or psychological abuse may include verbal harassment, threats, enforced physical and emotional isolation and any behavior, which causes fear. Financial abuse includes withholding or stealing funds and exploitation of personal property. By signing this application, you agree that you have successfully completed the training for Elder Care Abuse & Neglect and fully understand the policies/procedures referred to herein.


It is the intent of All American to provide a work environment for all employees, which is free of all unlawful harassment. All American will not tolerate any harassment of or by any of its employees and is strongly committed to enforcing its policy against harassment of all types and at all levels. All American believes that employees should treat one another with respect and dignity in a manner that does not offend the sensibilities of a co-worker. “Harassment” includes but is not limited to any form of constant irritation or tormenting from another employee, which causes a hostile work environment, or the appearance of a hostile work environment, in which an individual is rendered incapable of performing, assigned duties effectively and efficiently. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, prohibits discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex. Sexual harassment is unlawful, and the prohibited conduct exposes not only the employer, but also the individuals involved in that conduct, to significant liability under the law. If any individual is subjected to harassment or any form of offensive conduct, he/she should contact the supervisor or the President or an Authorized Officer of All American within two days of the incident and make a report in writing. Every report will be investigated, and reasonable and necessary action will be taken to ensure that the offensive conduct, if any, shall not continue. Appropriate action will also be taken to ensure and to deter future discrimination and harassment.

AAHCS maintains zero-tolerance regarding harassment of any kind in the workplace. Harassment includes, but not limited to verbal or written epithets, derogatory statements, slur, threats, proposal unwanted physical contact, threats of physical violence and visual harassment, including posters, cartoon or drawings. Sexual Harassment includes, but not limited to unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of sexual nature.

No employee shall threaten or insinuate either explicitly or implicitly that another employee or applicant refusal to submit to sexual advances will adversely affect that person’s employment, work status, performance evaluations, wages, advancement, assigned duties, or any other condition of employment or career development. Similarly, no employee shall promise or grant any preferential treatment in connection with another employee or applicant by their engagement in sexual conduct.

Charges of harassment will be promptly and thoroughly investigated, and a documented investigation will be open, resulting in a report detailing the results of the investigation. The company understands the sensitivity of these matters, and to the extent reasonable will keep employee complaints and all communications in strict confidence. Complete confidentiality, however, cannot be guaranteed due to the investigation processes.

If the company determines that harassment has occurred, the supervisor or manager will provide immediate and appropriate relief for the employees bringing the complaint and will initiate disciplinary action against the harasser. A non-employee who subjects an employee to harassment in the workplace will be informed of the company’s policy and appropriate action will be taken.

In all cases, the company will try to make follow-up inquiries to ensure that the harassment has not resumed. The company will not tolerate retaliation against any employee who, in good faith, complains of harassment or provide information in connection with any other such complaint. Retaliation of any type will result in corrective action.

The company recognizes that false accusations of harassment can occur and will have serious effects on innocent people. The company requires that all employees act responsibly to maintain a professional and respectful working environment free of discrimination and void of false allegations. Anyone filling a false allegation or determined to be malicious in intent will be subject to corrective action.

Employees who feel they have experienced or witnessed harassment are to immediately notify their Director or Account Manager. They should follow their respective chain of command /or contact their subsidiary Human Resource Repressive.


AAHCS maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards workplace violence, which includes any threats or act of violence. Employees who use threatening or intimidating language, physical aggression or otherwise violated the workplace violence policy in any manner will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination of employment.

Workplace violence is any physical assault, threatening behavior or verbal abuse occurring in the workplace by employees or third parties. It includes, but is not limited to, beating, stabbing, suicide, shooting, rape, attempted suicide, psychological trauma such as threats, obscene phone calls, an intimidating presence, and harassment of any nature such as stalking, shouting or swearing. The following are considered prohibited conduct by All American: injuring another person physically; engaging in behavior that creates a reasonable fear of injury to another person; engaging in behavior that subjects another individual to extreme emotional distress; possessing, brandishing, or using a weapon that is not required by the individual’s position while on state premises or engaged in state business; intentionally damaging property; threatening to injure an individual or to damage property; committing injurious acts motivated by, or related to, domestic violence or sexual harassment; and retaliating against any employee who, in good faith, reports a violation of this policy.

Employees who are subject to or observe violations of this policy are required to report such immediately to their supervisor or the Human Resources Department.

Employees violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action under Employee Conduct of the Policies and Procedures, up to and including termination, based on the situation.


AAHCS is committed to providing a safe work environment and to foster the well-being and health of its employees. The commitment is jeopardized when any AAHCS employee illegally uses drugs on the job, comes to work under the influence, or possesses, distributes or sells drugs in the workplace. Therefore, All American has established the following policy:

1. It is a violation of company policy for any employee to possess, sell, trade, or offer for sale, illegal drugs or otherwise engage in the illegal use of drugs on the job.

2. It is a violation of company policy for anyone to report to work under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.

3. It is a violation of the company policy for anyone to use prescription drugs illegally. (However, nothing in this policy precludes the appropriate use of legally prescribed medications.)

4. All American has the right to request a drug screening from any employee at any time. Every employee must participate in the drug screening process within 48 hours from a request by All American.

5. Violations of this policy are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Everyone shares responsibility for maintaining a safe work environment. The goal of this policy is to provide a safe and productive environment.

The intent of this policy is to send a clear message that there is zero tolerance of illegal drug use or the use of alcohol.

Personal Electronic Devices 

Personal mobile phone devices and other communication devices are to be utilized only while on approved break/lunch period, or in the event of an emergency. Personal phone calls are not to be made while employee is clocked-in, and never in the presence of any patients.


All American is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We offer equal opportunities in employment to all employees and applicants. No person shall be discriminated against in employment because of race, color, marital status, parental status, ancestry, source of income, religion, sex, age, national origin, handicap, sexual orientation, medical condition or veteran status. We expect all employees to support the implementation of our equal opportunity policy and to comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination in employment. If at any time you perceive a violation of this policy please inform the Human Resources Manager at All American who will investigate the matter. All American will not retaliate against any employee for reporting a violation and it will not tolerate or permit retaliation by management, employees, co-workers or clients.


All Employees are expected to have legal work permits while working in the US. Employees who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents are responsible to maintain the validity of their work visas throughout their employment with All American. You will provide All American - within three (3) days of commencing employment with All American - with Form I-9 and other required documentation. Should you require any information or assistance relating to your work status, contact the Account Manager at All American. It is the responsibility of the Employee to inform the Account Manager at least three (3) months prior to their work authorization expiring so that arrangements for the work authorization renewal can be handled in a timely manner.


The first 90 (ninety) days are considered an introductory period to the Company. During this period, you are becoming familiar with your new work environment and job responsibilities. This is a process where you are evaluating your new position and your supervisor is evaluating the compatibility of your knowledge, skills and abilities with your position requirements.


All employment at All American is “at will”. This means both employees and All American have the right to terminate employment at any time, with or without advance notice and with or without cause. Employees also may be demoted or disciplined and the terms of their employment may be altered at any time, with or without cause, at the discretion All American.


AAHCS requires that all employees dress in a professional manner that is appropriate for representing the company to our customers and the public. Work attire should be based on the employee’s role in the organization and the various tasks/functions of which that role consists. Therefore, different roles/positions will require different types of dress from both an image and safety perspective.

  • Medical personal -Employees working directly with Nursing home/rehab center employees must appear clean, neat and well-groomed. Additionally, these employee clothing must be in good repair, and modest always. Minimally, the following image and safety requirements are expected and will be enforce by the employee Account Manager or Director.
  • Footwear must completely cover, including toes, and fasten to foot and have non-skid soles. Sandals, flip-flops, and other similar type of footwear that does not meet this requirement is prohibited in the work environment;
  • Medical scrubs tops must cover chest area and mid-section when are raised and pants must cover the back/waist when bending over;
  • Undergarments are not to be visible at any time;
  • Medical scrubs shouldn’t have any depicting drugs, alcohol, sex, weapons, violence or anything deemed as being offensive by community standards are prohibited;
  • Jewelry and other accessories that could cause injury to a patient or employee, such as dangling, or hoop earrings, facial piercings, large rings, chains, or others as deemed unsafe by your Account Manager.
  • Medical scrubs that could potentially restrict movement for the job function is prohibited.
  • Hair must be clean, combed, and neatly trimmed or arranged. Unkept hair is not permissible regardless of length.
  • Tattoos and body piercing (other than earring) must not be visible.
  • Sideburns, mustaches and beards must be neatly trimmed.
  • Finger nails must be trimmed or low cut to avoid injury to patients.

Non-Direct Care/Office Employees Dress Requirements- Employees working primarily in office environment with little to no patient care or public contact must adhere to the above requirements and comply with the following additional professional appearance standards:

  • Professional employees are expected to dress in a manner that is acceptable in business establishments emphasizing a professional, business-like appearance. This includes wearing shirts with a collar, knee-length skirts, khaki, dress or other business casual pants, and appropriate shoes
  • Jeans with holes or rips are prohibited in the office setting;
  • Footwear must completely cover, including toes, and fasten to foot and have non-skid soles. Sandals, flip-flops, and other similar type of footwear that does not meet this requirement is prohibited in the work environment

All American requires high standards of cleanliness and good grooming. Your personal appearance reflects on the Company and should project the professional image and credibility our customers and clients expect from company employees. For these reasons, professional appearance should avoid extremes in personal grooming and dress while at work or away from the work place on company business. The following guidelines are to be followed by all employees: Maintain hair and beard or mustache in a well-groomed manner. Wear appropriate professional attire compatible with your position. Be conservative in use of cosmetics and/or cologne. Wear conservative accessories and hosiery. The following items are representative of those considered inappropriate for our Business environment: jeans, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jogging suits, clothing that is torn, stained or wrinkled, short skirts or shorts, halter tops, half tops, exposing midriffs, bare-back or cut-out dresses or shirts, thong-type or flip-flop sandals, clothing or accessories that present a potential hazard in performing any job function, clothing with messages or logos. Branch/Department managers are charged with the enforcement and interpretation of this policy. Questions regarding the appropriateness of a particular article of clothing or manner of appearance should be addressed to your supervisor. You may be asked to return home and change into appropriate attire if you arrive at work wearing any inappropriate attire. You will not be compensated for the time off of work to accomplish this change. If the patient/client requests you to wear attire that differs from company policy, please contact your supervisor.


The official working hours shall be according to the shifts. Employees placed at the client site shall follow the same working hours as those of the client. All American reserves the right to amend or vary the working hours when required. Any change in the working hours shall be made known to the relevant Employees.


Consistent, reliable attendance to all scheduled work assignments, training and meetings by all employees is expected; punctuality and reliability are key ingredients to competent, effective and efficient operation of the organization.

Reporting Absences

To ensure proper and safe patient supervision/care and program ratios, each employee must communicate their absences as much in advance as possible, but;

  • No later than 5 (five) hours before a 3p-11p shift
  • No later than 5 (five) hours before a 11p-7a shift
  • No later than 4 (four) hours before a 7a-3p shift

For after-hours which are after or before these days and time Monday-Friday 8:30a-5:30p you must contact our main number 609-581-6622 for any call out or tardiness.

Tardy is defined as “not being at the scheduled work area, ready to work, at the scheduled time”. This can occur when reporting to work, training, and /or when returning from lunch break, or for any other assignment that requires a specific start time.

“Excessive Absenteeism”

Excessive absenteeism is defined as utilizing time off within the year frequently than the available annual sick or personal hours allow, or accrued for that year, unless the employee is on an approved leave.

Any employee absent from work for 3 (three) consecutive workdays without reporting their absence as described above, will be considered to “voluntary” resigned their employment. Timely notification/verification is submitted when applicable:

  • Authorized personal leave of absence (including Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
  • Work-related injury or illness as certified by a licensed medical practitioner.
  • Jury duty
  • Vacation, holiday, or other authorized paid time off.
  • Military leave.
  • Other management approved absences.

Any absence of 3 (three) or more consecutive workdays requires the employee to provide an excuse, release/fitness for duty prior to returning to work from a licensed practitioner. The employee must direct to subsidiary Human Resource Representative for immediate completion and submission of FMLA paperwork to be returned to the Human Resource Representative if appropriate.

Questions relative to this policy should be directed to the employee Director of Account Management and/or subsidiary Human Resource personnel. Your prompt and regular attendance during regular work hours is essential to the smooth operations of All American’s business. While it is recognized that there may be an occasion on which you have a valid reason to be late for work, repeated tardiness cannot be tolerated. If you are going to be late or absent from work you must notify your supervisor. Unauthorized, unreported or excessive absenteeism or tardiness may result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge as determined by All American in the sole exercise of its managerial discretion. If an employee cannot work for an assigned shift, we require a minimum advance notice of four (4) hours prior to the shift so that the staffing directors have adequate time to cover the shift. An employee is required to call All American via telephone to give notice of any change in pre-assigned work, including: an inability to work, tardiness, or any other changes that would affect the quality of service provided to the facility. If the facility cancels your shift, you will be given priority choice for any other shift available. However, All American shall not be responsible for financial compensation for any canceled shifts.


All American requires all its employees to complete and submit timesheets and patient notes to the timesheet department at All hours, sick leave, vacations, holidays and other absences should be indicated on the timesheet. It is solely the responsibility of the employee to ensure that all timesheets and patient notes are submitted to All American on time. Non-receipt of timesheets and or patient notes on designated deadlines may result in stoppage of payroll processing. All timesheets must be received in the All American office (via email or fax) by 11:00 am EST on Mondays to ensure employees are paid that week. All timesheets must be filled out completely with your name, name of facility, hours worked, time in, time out, and absolutely MUST contain a supervisor’s signature from the client. You must submit a separate timesheet for each facility. Any employee working more than eight (8) hours per shift requires written approval by the facility Director of Nursing (DON). Should you have any questions relating to the timesheets please contact your immediate supervisor. Please also note that additional steps may be required by the facility to verify your time. You can be required to punch in and punch out at a client facility in addition to submitting a signed timesheet.


All employees will be paid weekly on Fridays via Direct Deposit only. Please make sure you fill out all the necessary direct deposit information prior to commencement of employment. Your pay cycle will coincide with the Company’s weekly pay cycle; however, if you work at a Client of Company’s whereby the Client operates on a different pay cycle than Company’s, you will be paid as if on the Client’s pay cycle.


All American is required by law to withhold Federal, State, and Local income taxes and any court-ordered deductions from your pay. The amount withheld is turned over to the Federal, State and Local treasuries as reflected in your pay slip. In addition, Social Security taxes are withheld from your pay. Your earnings and the number of exemptions claimed by you on your W-4 form determine the amount of your deduction. At the beginning of each year, you will receive a W-2 form showing your earnings for the previous year and the amount of taxes withheld. If you’ve been given any outstanding loans or advances, All American will deduct the predetermined and agreed-upon amount from your pay.


All official paystubs are available via ADP, our payroll service provider. Paystubs provide details about gross wages, taxes, and expense reimbursements for the pay period and year-to-date. A more detailed paystub with days worked and hourly wages is available via StafferLink, our web-based staffing application.


All American offers health insurance to all eligible employees and pays 10% of insurance premiums for these eligible employees. To become eligible for health insurance, employees must have worked for All American for a period of ninety (90) days with a minimum of 32 hours per week. New spouses and newborn children must be enrolled within ninety (90) days of the marriage or birth/adoption or wait until the annual enrollment period. Information on enrollment periods and relevant forms are available from the Human Resources Department. All American offers the following benefits to eligible employees: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance and a Vision Plan, the details of which are available from the Human Resources Department.


It is important that you notify All American of any changes in your personal information and it is your responsibility to ensure that all your personal information is current. It is your responsibility to inform Human Resources about all updates and changes in your personal information. This ensures that all personal records/details of employees remain updated. The information covered in this section is as follows: Change in Marital Status, Additions/Deletions in Medical Nominations, Change in Residential Address, Change of Bank Accounts, Emergency Contact persons, etc.


All employees are expected to act responsibly and abide by all applicable laws, regulations, policies, procedures and instructions of the company and supervisory personnel. The company has determined that the following activities, while not a comprehensive list, are by their very nature so harmful to the successful operation of any business that involvement in them may be grounds for immediate termination or other disciplinary action: Absence from work without notice; Excessive absenteeism; Consumption of alcoholic beverages on company property (as authorized under the substance abuse and drug policy), while on assignment or reporting to work under the influence of alcohol; Use, Sale, Possession, or being under the influence of controlled substance while on company premises or otherwise engaged in company business; Insubordination; Falsification of company records or documents including but not limited to employment applications, time records, personnel/medical records, clinical patient/client documentation; Negligent or unauthorized use of company equipment; Physical or verbal abuse of fellow employees, visitors or patients/clients; Gambling during working hours or on company’s, patient’s or client’s property; Failure to make a prompt report of any accident on company property. Failure to observe agreed upon working hours and schedules including scheduled overtime; Unsatisfactory work performance; Delaying or restricting productivity or inciting others to do so; Possession of weapons with or without legal permit; Failure to report obvious and serious violations to supervisor (e.g. Unsafe or disruptive practices, theft, or fraud, etc.); Theft or dishonesty or vulgar language; Violation of the company’s business ethics policy including without limitation, divulging confidential information, conflicts of interest, making unauthorized statements to outsiders, and holding unauthorized secondary employment; Personal Phone calls from the patient’s or client’s home and/or attending to personal business on company time; Failure to adhere to patient/client imposed rules while on patient/client premises; Failure to work cooperatively with co-workers, supervisors and/or patients/clients; Causing patient or client complaints regarding clinical performance, judgement, ethics of competency; Accepting private employment with an All American client without notifying All American and going through the proper channels and protocols; Failure to follow universal precautions/infection control practices; Behavior or comments that are discriminatory or biased in nature based on sex, age, race, religion, ethnic origin, disability or other means of discrimination prohibited by law. Individuals convicted of a crime while employed by the company are subjected to review by management for consideration of continued employment. The company may utilize a system of progressive discipline, at its sole discretion, in cases of misconduct or unacceptable performance. The progressive discipline process may include some or all of the following stages: Corrective counseling, verbal warning, formal reprimand, written warning, final warning, termination of employment. Disciplinary action may begin at an advanced stage of process or may result in immediate termination based upon the nature and severity of the offenses, the employee’s past record with the company and any other relevant circumstances. 


To provide the highest quality care to All American’s clients, it is important that you provide accurate information on: your employment application to All American, your timesheets, your licenses, your certificates, and any relevant client records. Arrive at your assignment on time, which means 10–15 minutes before your scheduled start time if you are relieving another employee. This gives you time to exchange information and prepare for your assignment. Allow for extra travel time during bad weather or when learning the route to a new assignment. It is essential that you keep All American’s phone number handy so that you can quickly and easily call the office if you’re lost on the way to a client, or have any other issues on the way to a client. Remain awake and accessible to your patients and clients at all times during your assignment. Live-in and sleepover assignments are subject to special guidelines. Keep patients/clients right to privacy and confidentiality. Call the office if you have any questions or concerns about the patient/client or assignment. Wear your All American name tag on all assignments. Complete all necessary forms and client documentation accurately and legibly. Fulfill all your responsibilities as outlined in your job description. Never leave before the end of your scheduled shift or assignment. If an emergency arises, call All American immediately. Never leave the patient/client alone. If an employee who is scheduled to replace you has not arrived by the time you are scheduled to leave, talk to the client staffing coordinator and call All American immediately. Do not eat the patient’s/client’s food. Live-ins may be subjected to different restrictions. Avoid using the patients/client’s phone, radio, stereo or TV for personal business or entertainment. Avoid bringing valuables with you on assignment. Never accept tips, gifts, loans, payments, or personal work of any kind from the patient/client or the patient’s/client’s family. Never sign the patient’s/client’s checks. Never smoke or chew gum while on an assignment. Never drive a patient/client anywhere (in your vehicle or theirs) without prior approval from your supervisor, and if your vehicle, or patient’s/client’s is used, then a signed “Automobile Waiver of Liability” form MUST be on file in the client’s office and All American’s office. Never give patients/clients your home phone number or take them to your home. For your protection, all communications must go through your office. Practice sensible universal precautions at all times. Never give out patient’s/client’s phone number. Never discuss patients/clients with anyone outside your office Do not discuss personal problems, religious or political beliefs, or controversial subjects with your patients/clients. Never bring children or pets to your assignment. Do not have anyone visit or call you while you are on assignment. Special Reminders: Only licensed personnel and the patient’s/client’s family may administer medication to the patient/client. Non-licensed personnel (home health aides, homemakers, companions, and personal care workers) may assist patients/clients to the extent allowed by policy as directed by their supervisor and documented on the personal care plan. All employees are considered to be “Ambassadors of the Corporation” of All American. As such we ask that you remember that you represent the company with every contact you make. These interactions could occur with patients/clients, potential clients or employees, co-workers, vendors and the media. The customer service obligation of our employees is not limited to “external” customers. As employees, you are frequently charged with service obligation to your “internal” customers. These internal customers may include other caregiver employees, supervisors and co-workers. As an Ambassador of the corporation, you are expected to represent All American in a professional and courteous manner as a knowledgeable and informed member of All American. We ask that you keep this responsibility in mind for every contact, causal or formal, whether in person, by phone or through correspondence.


Commitment to excellence is fulfilled in part through an ongoing quality improvement process. All those who join our team of health services professional participate in appraisal programs to encourage high level of performance. You will be evaluated (based on your job requirements) in some or all of the following areas: Quality of care Administration Communication; Professional development; Supervision Customer services; Documentation; Use of Universal Precautions. Patients/clients and their families contribute information to the appraisal performed by the All American Account Manager through direct contact and client satisfaction surveys.


All American procedures to handle complaints about an employee are: Supervisory personnel document any complaints made by patients/clients, their representatives and/or co-workers regarding inappropriate behavior or performance. The complaint is discussed with the employee who is requested to respond to the issue. If the complaint is due to a reason such as patient/client/employee communication problems, the company supervisory personnel will intervene to help resolve the issue. If the complaint involves concerns such as clinical performance or judgment, a question of ethics or competency or failure of employee to fulfill the company’s standards of service, action will be taken to resolve the issue in the best interest of patient/client safety, the company’s reputation and the employee’s career. Recommendations for further education and training may be made, when appropriate, if, for example, the complaint arose over a clinical issue. Based upon the nature of the complaint, the employee may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.


For the protection and security of employees and clients, employees may be required to submit to a reasonable search of Company assigned desks, lockers, file cabinets as well as personal property such as brief cases, purses, packages, vehicles, and so forth, while on Company property, client property or while on duty off premises. All employees are subject to the requirements of the client while on client’s premises. Employees may be required to empty their pockets, purses, briefcases, etc., but under no circumstances will an employee be required to remove articles of clothing or be physically searched by another employee or the client.


In the course of your employment you may have access to confidential information regarding All American, its clients, suppliers or fellow employees. It is one of your most important obligations and responsibilities to maintain the confidentiality of any information you may have and use it only in the performance of your job. Unless otherwise specified in writing, all work performed by you for All American, and all materials, products, or deliverables developed and prepared by you for All American or All American’s clients, are the property of All American. All such works shall be deemed to be works made for hire and in the course of the services rendered in terms of your employment with All American. To the extent that title to any such works may not, by operation of law, vest in All American or such works may not be considered works made for hire, all rights, title and interest shall be irrevocably assigned by you to All American. You will give All American reasonable assistance, at All American’s cost, required to perfect such rights.

It is the responsibility of all employees to protect against the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information. The following information includes confidential information: Payroll records and information regarding salary; Personnel records; Computer system passwords and security codes; Research results not yet published including manuscripts and correspondence; Budgetary, departmental or company planning information; Litigation’s pending or in process; Employee medical records including medical benefit claims; Employee training records.


Inquiries from the press, radio, and television regarding Company employees or confidential information should immediately be referred to the Human Resources department. Similarly, all inquiries from other outside agencies regarding company employees or confidential information should be referred to the Human Resources department. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination.


Decision-making of matters in which a conflict of interest may exist may not only create an appearance of impropriety but may violate the law. The Company believes that it is useful to attempt to have a written form of basic guidelines to which employees can refer in evaluating potential conflict situations. Each Employee has a duty to act in the best interests of the Company. Employees who have, directly or through family or business connections, an interest in suppliers of goods or services, or in contractors or potential contractors with the Company should not undertake to act for the Company in any transaction involving that interest. No Employee shall participate in the selection, award or administration of a contract with any party with whom he is negotiating respecting potential employment or has any arrangement concerning potential employment. Employees shall avoid outside employment or business activity involving obligations which may in any way conflict, or appear to conflict, with the Company's interests, including its interest in the full or part-time as the case may be, services of its Employees. Each Employee shall provide full disclosure of any business or financial enterprise or activity in which he or she is involved which might influence, or might appear to have the capacity to influence his or her official decisions or actions on Company matters. Disclosure shall be in writing tendered to the Site Manager/Location head. Employees shall refrain from personal activities, including but not limited to the purchase or sale of securities, real property or other goods or services, in which they could use, or might appear to have the opportunity to use, for personal gain, confidential information or special knowledge gained as a result of their relationship with the Company. Each Employee shall refrain from unauthorized disclosure of non-public information concerning the Company's intentions, its investments, its property development, sale or acquisition, its purchasing or its contracting activities. No Employee shall make unauthorized use of Company resources for his or her personal benefit or for the benefit of any other person.


AAHCS is committed to providing a working environment where all employees understand and comply with the company’s standards of workplace conduct and performance as described in this Handbook, and that any non-compliance with these standards will be corrected in a timely and effective manner.

The role of the employees Director of Account Management is to educate, guide, mentor, develop and correct an employee effectively to obtain the best possible job performance, and develop future career opportunities for each employee within the company. To this extent the employees must maintain desired work standards, which will be the Director of Account Management responsibility to address with corrective action where necessary to achieve desirable performance.

Under normal circumstances the company endorses a policy of progressive employee corrective action where the employees Account Manager provides staff with notice of rule violations and/or deficiency, and an opportunity for correction. The company reserves the right to skip or repeat the corrective action stages, below, at any time, or fashion alternative corrective action which may or may not include any of the corrective actions listed below and approved by Human Resources depending on the severity and/or frequency of the rule violation.

  • Verbal Warning
  • Written Warning
  • Suspension
  • Termination

The company views corrective action as a means of addressing situations to enhance the employment relationship and ensure performance of duties are kept at company’s standards.

Employees who feel unfairly corrected are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the Director of Account Management, and or Human Resources.

In the event of corrective action resulting in discharge, demotion, or other corrective action resulting in the loss of pay. The employee has the right to appeal to the company’s CEO Paul Ruderman, of All American Healthcare Services Inc. within five (5) working days of action being appealed.


Please keep in mind that this does not contain all the information you will need as an employee. You will receive other information periodically. When the company changes a policy, it overrides the past policy. The Company reserves the right to change a policy at any time, and will be considered in effect upon the date of the policy change, regardless when employees are formally notified. This is not an employment contract. Unless you have a written Employment Contract with All American signed by the CEO or an Authorized Officer, you legally are an “at-will” employee. This means you or the Company may terminate our employment relationship at any time, with or without a reason. In the future, your status as an “at-will” employee can only be changed through a written contract signed by both you and the CEO or an Authorized Officer. No oral statements, promises or contracts regarding the terms and conditions of your employment are valid.

I have read the above information and I will follow all guidelines contained herein. I understand that, if employed, falsified statements on this application for employment will be considered grounds for termination. I authorize All American Healthcare Services, Inc. to investigate my background (through formal background checks or other means) and any other matter related to my suitability for employment.






I have read the above information and I will follow all guidelines contained herein.

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